The Crisis in Haiti: What Can YOU Do to Help?

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K12 Students, College/University Students
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The earthquake in Haiti shattered lives, devastating a country - - and the world responded. Most importantly, youth responded in innovative and amazing ways. Join schools around the world for this groundbreaking international videoconference and webcast to hear what youth are doing to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. You'll also hear from aid organizations who are continually responding to the tragedy and experts that will help students understand the unique circumstances contributing to the tragedy.

Join us for this ground breaking event and GET INVOLVED. We encourage you to stream the program in your school, collect change and donations, and donate to one of the aid organizations participating in the program. Or simply just tune in and be inspired by what others are doing - - and then create your own project. If you're already involved in a project, let us know through Twitter®, send us a link to your blog entry or add your photos to our online album. We're looking forward to having you and your students get involved!

One person can make an impact. Imagine what we all can do together.

Be a Live Blogger or Tweeter!

Help us get the word out and tell us what you’re doing to help Haiti via Twitter®. All you need is a Twitter® account and a computer with an internet connection! You can get an account at Sign on to your account during the webcast, follow magpik20, and tweet what you’re going to do to help - - just make sure you end your tweet with #kidshelphaiti. We will randomly select tweeters to receive some fantastic giveaways from our sponsors. The more you tweet, the better your chances are of being selected for a giveaway!

We would love for your students to be live bloggers during the event. Your students can either contribute to the project blog or write for your own school blog and we'll link to it. Simply send an email to to let us know you're interested in live blogging. We'll post a link to your blog on this site and post brief bio information about all our featured bloggers! (You'll also get mentions and links on Twitter as the event is in progress!). Every live blog entry entitles you to a chance to win a giveaway, too.

Add your photos to our online album! 

We’ve created an album on Google’s Picasa called “Kids Help Haiti.” You can view the album at If you have photos to contribute (and we’d love to have them!), please email and asked to be added as an album contributor. You’ll then be able to email your photos to the online, public album. Won’t it be cool to see all of the images emerge on the album map and see what students everywhere are doing to help?

Program Line-Up

Pre-Event Haiti Photo Stories from Students Around the World  / 9:50 EST

Welcome | 10:00 AM EST
Student VJs • The Haverford School in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA

Put a Little Love in Your Heart| 10:05 AM EST
Ms. Watson’s First Grade Class • Ponder Elementary School in Ponder, Texas, USA
Students from Ms. Watson’s first grade class will sing and sign “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”

The World Food Programme Responds to Haiti’s Crisis
| 10:09 AM EST
Graham Bell • The World Food Programme in Rome, Italy

This presentation will give an overview of World Food Programme activities in Haiti since the earthquake struck on January 12. We will be discussing the ways in which students and educators can get involved through the campaign "Students Helping Haiti", not only by raising funds for the emergency food distributions needed by 2 million people in Haiti, but also by raising awareness about hunger issues in general. Videos of WFP's Haiti operations will be included in the presentation, as well as an overview of ways you can fight world hunger online.

Sending LOVE from Taiwan
 | 10:20 AM EST
National Dali High School • Dali City, Taiwan
Students and teachers of National Dali High School - Taiwan put their heads together and pooled ideas to help raise awareness and support in response to the crisis in Haiti. In the midst of winter vacation, students and teachers of NDHS Videoconference Team voluntarily returned to school and gave all of themselves to complete the project. Announcements were made on the school website to get the word out and  recruit more volunteers and participation. Inspiring posters, music, poem, and video have been created.  These fabulous works will be presented in a student-created video as well as live via videoconference so that students and teachers of National Dali High School can send LOVE from Taiwan!

The Faces of Haiti’s Earthquake

| 10:28 AM EST
Technology High School • Newark, New Jersey, USA
Technology High School students will create and present a PowerPoint called “The faces of Haiti’s earthquake” which they will narrate during the video conference. This presentation will include photos of the people and the landscape of Haiti before and after this catastrophic event.  Additionally, one student will share an original song.

Impacting Lives | 10:36 AM EST

Edina Public Schools • Edina, Minnesota, USA
Edina Public Schools has been working with a nonprofit service learning organization called ImpactLives to pack and ship meals to Haiti.  ImpactLives aspires to inspire members of our school and community to use their skills and talents, their knowledge and resources to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  Students have worked to raise money in order to purchase, pack and ship meals to hungry kids in Haiti.  Students have accepted the Meal Pack Challenge and are packing 285,000 meals at each participating school.  Students have extended learning outside the classroom walls by inviting community members, parents and volunteers to join them in their challenge.

Water and Sanitation Issues in Haiti
 | 10:44 AM EST
Candice McLeod • Philadelphia Global Water Initiative in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
on current research, Candice McLeod, chemical engineer and member of
PGWI (Philadelphia Global Water Initiative) will speak about the water
supply and sanitation challenges in Haiti. She will address the issue
from a development viewpoint, looking at how improved water and
sanitation policy and planning can be the key to addressing other
social and economic challenges facing the people.

Caribbean Music Showcase | 10:55 AM EST
Northern Illinois University’s Steel Drum Band • DeKalb, Illinois, USA
The Northern Illinois University Steelband is directed by Liam Teague (Head of Steelpan Studies) and Clifford Alexis (composer, arranger, tuner and builder). As the  first actively-performing steelband formed in an American university (1973), the NIU Steelband has performed at Yankee Stadium, at international conferences, and two tours of Taiwan. In 2000 the NIU Steelband placed 2nd in the World Steelband Festival in Trinidad, and in 2002 performed the opening concert at the Seoul Drum Festival in Korea. They will be performing Bazodee, composed and arranged by Ray Holman and Heal the World, composed by Michael Jackson, arranged by Liam Teague.

Rehabilitation Issues in Haiti | 11:06 AM EST
Marilys G. Randolph, Associate Professor • Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA
Randolph, a native of Haiti and physical therapy professor, is former director of physical therapy at Hampton University and Howard University. Randolph will discuss the devastating potential for increased disability and the limited rehabilitation clinics available for the Haitian population.

Peace Week and Human Lace
 | 11:17 AM EST
EB2-3 Paranhos School • Porto, Portugal
A class from EB2-3 Paranhos School will share two special moments of awareness to the Haiti tragedy integrated in the Peace Week that they have organized. They will talk about the human lace event they created with 130 people.

Rebuilding Haiti: Oxfam’s Earthquake Response
 | 11:25 AM EST
Coco McCabe • Oxfam America in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice. The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 left the city of Port-au-Prince in ruins, and as many as one million people may now be homeless. Oxfam is providing water, latrines, plastic sheeting, cash, and relief materials to those who have gathered in temporary camps both within the city and in hard-hit outlying areas. Oxfam is committed to being in Haiti for the long haul and to help it recover from this devastating emergency.

National Youth Leadership Council
 | 11:36 AM EST
National Youth Leadership Council • St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

United Schools for Haiti
 | 11:44 AM EST
Externato Ribadouro School  • Porto, Portugal
Students from Externato Ribadouro School are developing a national and international solidarity campaign to support the Haiti victims. They intend to spread the initiative to all Portuguese high schools. The goal is that on April 16th, all the Portuguese students, duly identified, go out on the street to collect funds to give to the reconstruction of the country. Students expect to have the support of the Portuguese humanitarian organization AMI and the regional education administration (with an official statement to all the schools in the country). Students are creating a video to raise awareness to this “United Schools for Haiti” campaign to all schools and the Portuguese population in general so that they can join and collaborate in this project.

Using Metal Arts to Help Those in Haiti
 | 11:52 AM EST
Lower Merion High School  • Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
Metal Arts students Carmel Yaari and Elsye Swift have begun an effort to raise money for Red Cross earthquake disaster relief efforts in Haiti. The project entails the fabrication and sale of symbolic pendants. There are four different pendants, each of which represents one necessity for life; water, food, health/medicine, and shelter. There is a water droplet, a bowl of food, a health-care (red cross) symbol, and a house. All are fabricated from a different metal; silver, brass, copper and bronze respectively. The pieces are simple, with some detail added to further accentuate their representation, so as to speed their production while maintaining artistic character. Other metal-arts students are being enlisted to participate in the work. The pendants will be sold individually on chords or ribbons, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Change for Haiti
 | 11:56 AM EST
Holub Middle School • Houston, Texas, USA
Holub Middle School has approximately 1,000
students representing African, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern
descent. Our campaign, Change for Haiti, provided students, staff and
parents the opportunity to make a difference by donating coins and
dollars. Students produced a video shown at lunches along with personal
appeals. Others met parents curbside furthering our reach. Also, local
organizations have partnered with our Global Issues Network Club to
develop sustainable projects.

Haiti’s Earthquake: A “Big Picture” Introduction to Haiti’s Geology | 12:04 PM EST
Eric Muller • The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California, USA
is on the island of Hispaniola and is located in a geologically active
area of the world. Hispaniola rides atop of the Caribbean plate, a
large slab of crust moving about the surface of the earth. Bounded and
acted upon by its neighboring plates, the North and South American
plate, a fault snapped on January 12th with a resulting magnitude 7
earthquake.  This relieved some of the area’s stress. So, can this type
of earthquake happen again? We’ll look at the “the big picture” cause
of this earthquake and see why it was so devastating to its population.

Hamming it Up for Haiti | 12:15 PM EST
Landisville Middle School & Centreville Middle School • Pennsylvania, USA
Middle School French students with the help of teachers have formed a fundraising group called Helping Hands for Haiti.  Their mission is to raise funds as quickly as possible and send the proceeds to Doctors without Borders so those who are in desperate need of medical care can get the attention and medication that they need. Their first event will be "Hamming it up for Haiti."  Students will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in front of a lovely backdrop. For a mere $1.00 donation they will be able to get a print of their picture and they will be helping to make the fundraiser a success!  They will be giving the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

Global Nomads “Students Rebuild” $500,000 Challenge Grant to Rebuild Haiti Schools | 12:23 PM EST
Global Nomads • New York City, New York, USA
In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Architecture for Humanity, the Bezos Family Foundation and Global Nomads Group (GNG) have partnered to create  "Students Rebuild," a $500,000 matching challenge grant that invites students around the globe to rebuild better, safer schools in Haiti. Also join GNG as we conduct programs LIVE from the ground in Haiti into your classrooms in March!  For more information, please see:

Youth Poetry MashUp
 | 12:29 PM EST
MYX: Multicultural Youth Exchange • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Youth from the Philadelphia area will share original poetry that shares personal reactions to the crisis, connections with the Haitian Community, hope for Haitian youth and how this crisis helps them reflect on their own lives.

Teen Leaders Take On Fundraising
 | 12:40 PM EST
Mansfield High School • Mansfield, Texas, USA
Student Representatives from the Teen Leadership II class and participating student groups (StuCo and Key Club) will talk briefly about their school project fundraisers (H.A.I.T.I.: Helping All Individuals Through Impossibilities, Heels for Haiti, and LET’S HELP HAITI) and share their flyers, handouts, poetry, rap and use of costume (see high heels flyer attached) to encourage others to help the people of Haiti who have lost everything in this tragic event.  It is their hope that their projects will inspire other students to donate and give. They also hope to gain knowledge from other students and schools around the world about the way they handle such events and tragedies. Mansfield Tigers (mascot for MHS) believe strongly that together students can make a difference. What better way to effect change than by reaching  around the globe via videoconference to share and help each other make the world a better place!

Grassroots Partnerships to Aid Those in Need
 | 12:48 PM EST
Aldo Magazenni • Traveling Mercies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Aldo Magazenni is leaving on Feb. 7th to help the earthquake victims.  He is traveling with donations, thoughts and the good intentions of his community in the USA, and also from the communities his organization, Traveling Mercies, works with in Afghanistan, Kenya, Mexico and Italy.  In Haiti, he is working with local ministry and other small NGO's to deliver immediate humanitarian aid such as food, water, and medical supplies, directly into the hands of suffering communities.  Aldo will share his experiences as he looks for opportunities to improve or install water programs, choose a location to build a school, and assess the needs fro supplies such as clothing, medical, and others that can be shipped after his return.

Southern Lehigh Middle School’s Haitian Relief Webpage| 12:59 PM EST
DESIGN 21 Class • Southern Lehigh Middle School in Center Valley,  Pennsylvania, USA
DESIGN 21 students will present the web page they have designed in regards to the Haitian situation for our district’s web page.  The web page will include background information about Haiti, a page about where and how to donate, a page about what our schools have done within our district in regards to the Haitian disaster, and hopefully a direct link for community members to continue to make donations to the American Red Cross.  The students are part of a class called D.E.S.I.G.N.21, where they are expected to create a multimedia project based on a student-identified problem within the world that would solve the problem and/or promote awareness.

Haiti: How Can I Help?
 | 1:07 PM EST
The Center for High Impact Philanthropy • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania has created a series of online briefs to provide up-to-date information about smart philanthropic ways to help Haiti’s earthquake victims. The devastation in Haiti has been matched with an outpouring of generosity and technology has made donating easier and faster, but it may be difficult to understand how charitable giving can have a long-lasting impact, both now and for the longer-term. It also may be a challenge to identify organizations that are well positioned to help with immediate needs, such as food, water, shelter and medical assistance. We are working to make sure those dollars and good intentions actually result in impact.

Closing Remarks | 1:18 PM EST
Student VJs • The Haverford School in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA

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